Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shin Won Ho Profile

Name: Shin Won Ho ( 신원호 )
Stage Name: Shin
Profession: Actor, singer, and model
Birthday: October 23 1991
Birthplace: South Korea
Height : 185cm
Weight : 66kg
Blood Type : A
Star Sign: Scorpio

- Now acting as Kang Kyung Joon in Big (KBS2, 2012)
- Acted as Lee Chan Sol in Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (Channel A, 2011)
- Acted in the Japanese movie RUN60 with Takuya.
- 2012 Skinfood CF
- 2011 Bean Pole CF
- Debuted in Korean-Japanese-Chinese pop group called Cross Gene on June 6, 2012
Cross Gene
Well, Here is the debut MV of Cross Gene - La Di Da Di ^^~

 Shin Won Ho in Bachelor’s Vegetable Store

 Shin Won Ho in BIG

Shin Won Ho for CeCi

in La Di Da Di MV

Well, actually I'm really ship Kyung joon & Jang Ma Ri ( Wonzy couple ).
I think they are so cute together. >w<
And I hope they will end up together in Kdrama BIG ^^~

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  1. '
    I like kyung joon and Ma Ri too !
    Hope they can together and the end of Big !
    Love them so much !

    1. High Five! (^A^)/
      Yep~ i hope it so much
      but i think da ran will end up w/ kyungjoon TT^TT
      cz they have always together in Big =w=

  2. won ho mida i want u to see in person :)sarang mida :)

  3. anyeong haseyo shin won ho,,saranghae,, i hope we meet each other;))

  4. shin won ho oppa ... saranghae .... do more dramas soon .... watched almost all of his drama just at last ep of BIG .